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The Original Marine Phytoplankton Formula

ForeverGreen Marine Phytoplankton

What makes ForeverGreen Marine Phytoplankton different is the “open cell” marine phytoplankton that we use in all of our ForeverGreen marine phytoplankton products.


 FrequenSea™ features the nutritional abundance of Alpha3 CMP™ marine phytoplankton in an instantly-bioavailable aromatic base of rose, frankincense, ginger, aloe vera, noni, citrus, and nutmeg.


Pure™ is 1500mg of concentrated marine phytoplankton in a Deep Blue mineral base of 92 ionic minerals and trace elements naturally extracted from nutrient-rich ocean water.


Azul™ with Alpha3 CMP™ marine phytoplankton, is a brilliant-tasting drink blend of 24 raw whole foods, antioxidants and probiotics.



Marine phytoplankton are microscopic single-celled plants that thrive in the earth’s oceans and are essential to the sustainability of life on the planet. Not only are they the base of the marine food chain, but marine phytoplankton are also thought to be responsible for up to three-quarters of the earth’s oxygen. Through a process called photosynthesis, marine phytoplankton absorb the energy from the sun and nutrients from the water and release an incredible amount of oxygen into the atmosphere. Scientists agree there is oxygen from marine phytoplankton in every breath we take!


• Promotes better sleep quality

• Supports liver health

• Improves look and feel of skin

• Supports healthy joints

• Helps maintain blood sugar levels already within a normal range

• Improves mood and healthy sense of well-being

• Increases energy and focus

• Supports healthy immune function

Marine Phytoplankton, It’s Easy!

The most nutrient-dense naturally-occurring whole-food plant on earth is marine phytoplankton. The purest, most nutritionally-complex marine phytoplankton available to man is brought to you exclusively by ForeverGreen. Check out our entire line of products featuring our exclusive marine phytoplankton nutrition.

ForeverGreen Marine Phytoplankton

Exclusive to ForeverGreen, the powerful, unique and environmentally-conscious AMP process captures the benefits of the entire plant and delivers them to your body in the most absorbable form.


Most nutritional supplements are made from synthetic vitamins, fillers and inorganic minerals that our bodies have difficulty absorbing, leaving very few nutrients to actually be utilized. Nature intended for us to benefit from the whole plant!

forevergreen marine phytoplankton ampLuckily, every plant ingredient in the ForeverGreen Marine Phytoplankton products has been “AMPed”! Aqueous Molecular Partitioning (AMP) is a patented technology that uses CO2 extraction to preserve the essential oils, resins and antioxidant-rich phytonutrients of entire plants, without the use of heat or chemicals. Plus, the AMP extraction process results in a highly-concentrated liquid that contains the benefits of the entire plant in a water-soluble form.

Since the body is up to 75 percent water, and 90 percent of the molecules in the brain are water, nothing carries nutrients into our cells more effectively than water. Exclusive to ForeverGreen, the powerful, unique and environmentally-conscious AMP process captures the benefits of the entire plant and delivers them to your body in the most absorbable form.

ForeverGreen Marine Phytoplankton features “open cell” marine phytoplankton.

OPEN Cell vs. CLOSED Cell… what’s the difference?

  • ForeverGreen’s Alpha 3 CMP is OPEN cell Phytoplankton. Most other brands of Phytoplankton are CLOSED Cell.  The Human body does not have the digestive enzymes to break down silica which forms the “shell” of the microscopic plankton plants, therefore, if the cell wall is still in tact, very little, if any nutrients will be absorbed.   No matter how potent the other companies claim their plankton is, unless it is open, it makes no difference. Our plankton cells are opened without using and heat, freezing, or chemicals. Many companies have to mix their closed cell plankton with other forms of seaweed and greens to yield nutritional potential for humans.
  • Alpha 3 CMP is a blend of up to 200 species of WILD Marine Phytoplankton and Natural sea salt.  Unique Sea Farms is the only company in the world with the Patent pending technology to grow and harvest WILD marine Phytoplankton in a controlled, safe environment.

forevergreen marine phytoplankton giving back

Our Commitment

ForeverGreen has an exclusive partnership with a sea farm in the pristine temperate coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest. In this specific location, ocean tides interact with fresh water creating turbulence that draws even more deep-water nutrients and supports a diverse array of more than 200 marine phytoplankton species.

ForeverGreen marine phytoplankton is wildly-grown in a natural environment at a facility that is eco-friendly and creates a positive carbon footprint. Each batch is quality tested for bacteria, pathogens, toxins, heavy metals, mold and radioactivity prior to being approved for human consumption.

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